5 Best Bottled Water Brands to Drink

The best-bottled water brands for every day consume, is balanced and pure – it doesn’t require Ge.rade or fluoride electrolytes. They also have a good taste. To get the best brands, we tested the levels of pH, consulted experts from the industry, and conducted a taste test to see which ones among the .p brands are worth the hype. We have created this lief on the .p bottled water brands to ensure that you will go for the best water bottle brands around the next time you are thirsty.

Water Bottle Brands Basics

To choose the best brands of bottled water, venous factors were considered – they Include the following:

Ease of Purchase: We Started by selecting some of the most popular bottled water brands featured in the best, online lists and grocery stores. We did not look at flavored and sparkling waters or any brand that Is not evadable In bulk

Taste: An expert In the Industry directed our tests for .stes. Ss qualifies were considered: overall impression, after taste, mouthfeel, flavor, odor, and appearance.

pH: The pH of water Is usually neutra1,2, and that Is what should be the pH of bottled waters. Our 1.1ncludes bottled water brands with a pH between e and 8. The pH range was established by measuring using an electronic pH meter.

Packaging: Most water bottles are made from a lightweight, cheap plastic that Is considered safe. Al the brands In our .p lief used the same brand. However, most people preferred brands with venous designs.

How To Select the Best Bottled Water for You

You are likely m like what you know – Individual preferences tend to develop when you are growing up. So, people tend to Ide brands that they have consumed for a long span. Determine If you love mineral water because some people consider it to be sweet and tasty while others consider It as musty. Also, consider the price balance between the convenience and environmental Impact Here you can consider f the bottle Is reusable or not.

Here is our Iist of the best-bottled water brands for you to consume:

JUST water

This brand of bottled water is packaged in aa paper-based carton that can be recycled rather than a pleats bottle. The water has a slightly alkaline pH of 8, but It Is comparable to the electrolyte levels contained in it.


It is a European brand of water with a unique taste. It has a mineral flavor that makes it contentious, and most people also like the mouthfeel and the notable safe of its strong minerals. It is also packaged in an elegant, but simple bottle that makes it distinct.

Resource Natural Spring Water

This brand of bottled water is perfectly balanced and exceptional tasting, with a slight crisp flavor and does not leave an aftertaste In your mouth. It contains a mid-range electrolyte coded that most individuals prefer for taste.


This popular brand of bottled water has an iconic packet and an excellent taste. It has a considerable number of electrolytes (hat makes It a great option for daily hydration.

Crystal Geyser

This brand of water fasted great, and its cost is considerable enough to purchase in bulk. It has a balanced flavor and a reasonable level of electrolytes that offer an exceptional taste.


Even if you may consider that bottled water just tastes the same, you will notice the differences among various brands when you focus on their tastes. You will also notice that some brands are bottled recycled water. The brands listed in this article do not suffer from these issues, but it is the case for less costly brands like an own restaurant label. We hope that this article has given you a better idea about the type of water that you should be drinking.

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